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1.The material of the seal is a special chrome molybdenum cast iron, the content of chrome is 15 percent and molybdenum is 2-4 percent, and other elements
2.Characteristics: high hardness, wear-resisting, anti-dirty ability, corrosion-resistant
3.Lifespan: 5000 hours and the hardness is HRC65-72,the sealing face roughness within 0.07, flatness precision is 0.01mm.
4.Specifications pressure: 0.3mpa(max.), temperature range: Minus 40 degrees centigrade to 200 degrees centigrade,NBR,silicone,FPM,HNBR optional.
Circumferential speed: 3m/sec (max)
5.Size of the seals are various, outer diameter: from 45-1425mm
6.Our rotary seals are used in construction machinery and mining machinery,like Volvo,Komatsu, Caterpillar, Hitachi, Daewoo, Kobelco, Sumitomo, Hyundai and others
(1)China bulldozer such as Shantui, Shanghai, Yellow River, Yishan and Qinggong
(2)Japan bulldozer (Komatsu): D50, D60, D80, D85, D155, D355 American bulldozer (Caterpillar): D58, D60, D7G, D8K, D9L, D10H
(3)Germany hydraulic excavator R902-R992 American CAT hydraulic excavators Japanese Komatsu hydraulic excavators
(4)Various earth moving machine and cranes, construction machinery, mining machines, and tunnel boring machines
7.OEM and ODM welcomed, the label and package made according to buyers' request
8.Loading photos will be provided once loading from our facilities

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